Training & Education

Training and education

Aside from all the great experiences and new skills you’ll gain as an air cadet, you can also take away real qualifications that will set you apart from the crowd when you head to university or begin your chosen career.

As part of the cadet career, all cadets must fill out a First Class Cadet Log Book. To do this, they will be taught a series of lessons based around different subjects. have a look at them here:

Airmanship: Features of an Airfield, AEF (Air Experience Flight), Gliding (VGS)

ATC: History of the ATC, Organisation of the ATC, Cadets

History Of Flight: History of Flight LO1, History of Flight LO2

Initial Expedition Training (IET); Introduction, Expedition Food and Cooking, Kit, First Aid and Emergencies,                                                                                 Campcraft, Weather

Map Reading: Map Reading LO1, Map Reading LO2, Map Reading LO3

Radio: Basic Comms Chap 1 , Basic Comms Chap 2 , Basic Comms Chap 3 , Basic Comms Chap 4 ,                                                 Basic Comms Chap 5

RAF: The Royal Air Force LO1, The Royal Air Force LO2



For starters there’s the Duke of Edinburgh Award that employers everywhere recognise as a great achievement. You can take on the challenge as part of your adventurous training, working your way up through the levels all the way to Gold – something to be really proud of.

But did you know there’s also:

  • Leadership      training, where you can really prove your worth as leader – a      skill that will build your confidence and your ability to deal with different      kinds of people. If you can handle it you could get to the Junior Leaders      course – it’s gruelling but what you get out of it will be invaluable to      you for the rest of your life. .
  • BTECs      are always popular and a widely recognised qualification – more than 4,000      cadets have registered for the First Diploma in Public Services and over      6,000 have signed up for the First Diploma in Aviation Studies. There’s      also the increasingly popular First Diploma in Performing Arts (Music) for      budding musicians.
  • First Aid is another      essential skill you can pick up – train in this important area and you may      be awarded a certificate from St Johns Ambulance. If those skills were      called upon you could make all the difference in a life or death      situation.
  • City & Guilds –      cadets can also benefit from certain vocational qualifications in      management, as can our volunteers.