Functional Skills

All RAF ground trades recruits (except Air Traffic Controller – Senior Non-Commissioned Officer) must have or gain Functional Skills (FS) qualifications in English and Maths to graduate from Recruit Training. Your first chance to pass these tests, if you don’t already have the necessary FS grades, will be at the Pre-Recruit Training Course (except if you join as a RAF regiment Gunner as you will undertake and have to pass these FS tests as part of your combined Gunner basic recruit and trade training course).

The level of FS qualifications you need to achieve depend on the trade you are applying for as shown below.

Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic (Mechanical and Avionics)

Aerospace Systems Operator

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) technician

Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence Analyst (Voice)

Survival Equipment Fitter

Personnel Support


Weapons Technician

Level 2 functional skills in Maths and English
All other trades Level 1 functional skills in Maths and English

Even if you have other qualifications in Maths and English (like GCSEs), you will still have to take and pass the FS Maths and English tests. Further information will be available from your local Armed Forces Careers Office.

To help you prepare for the tests, see our self-study guides and practice papers.

Recruit training course

If you complete the PRTC successfully, your next step will be the recruit training course, also held at RAF Halton.